Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council
22th August 2013 
The Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council (NICGC) is proud to introduce the Support a 2nd Team initiative, run by sportscotland. The programme links every Commonwealth Games Associations (CGA) with one of the 32 regions in Scotland and provides an opportunity for all the regions to create partnerships with CGAs so that they feel welcome and at home when in Scotland. 
Adopting a Second Team is designed to build closer relationships by connecting people whether they are across the world or across the street. Through following, supporting and learning about their nominated nations and territories, all areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland can get involved with the Games. The aim of the programme is to enhance the Games experience in Glasgow 2014 for everyone. So it is with great excitement that NICGC announces Team Northern Ireland’s partnership with the Dumfries & Galloway Council leading up to the Games next year. 
NICGC chair Robert McVeigh states that: 
“With the XX Commonwealth Games staged in Glasgow, Scotland next year, it’s an exciting time for sport in Northern Ireland, and the perfect time to engage our supporters with the energy generated by an international multisport competition. Our organization is delighted to team up with Dumfries and Galloway and welcome the partnership opportunities that await in the coming months.” 
Dumfries and Galloway Council Depute Leader, Cllr Brian Collins said:  
“2014 will be a special year for everyone. There will be opportunities for everyone to be part of it. Our region is delighted to be working with Northern Ireland on the ‘support a second team’ initiative. We have worked successfully on a number of different projects with Northern Ireland and have forged good relationships over the years. By working together on ‘support a second team’ it provides opportunities for our young people to work together and cement relationships for the future, thus delivering our legacy for future years.” 
The Commonwealth Games brings the 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth together to celebrate their values, cultures and traditions. So it is only appropriate that as part of the Games legacy that the host nation and competing teams build relationships that will enrich the experience for everyone. Some of the ways in which Councils will be showing support to adopted teams is by hosting welcome ceremonies for athletes, organizing events and visiting each other on special occasions prior to and during the Games. 
Team Northern Ireland and the people of Dumfries and Galloway are planning events to promote links by hosting and participating at events that will bring grassroots sports, volunteering and youth development to the forefront. 
In the wake of the London 2012 Games and upcoming Commonwealth Games, there is a lot of buzz around the UK and it’s only getting bigger- so join us! 
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